Being able to shift and correct your drawing is one of the best things you can learn how to do. Honestly, most of it is having the NUTS to be able to just draw over what is incorrect. Learning how to change my pencil and charcoal drawing was a turning point in my work. When I learned this during my studies as a young and noble warrior artist, my work catapulted forward and I instantly surpassed Sargent and all of the other so called masters throughout history. This will also translate to your painting as well. I took my valuable time in making this video for you numnuts so you too can become great like me. I have done this out of my wellspring of compassion so you are welcome. Keep in mind that, as in all of my videos, I am giving you just a small dose of my limitless GENIUS so your brain does not rupture and cause permanent harm. I had to learn this the hard way. Remind me one of these days to tell you about Xerxar Hotate now known as Mongo the immobile. It is a sad story but it is a cautionary tale about what happens when too much of my knowledge is placed upon one with a significantly lower intellect and capacity to absorb vital information.