In this BRILLIANT video I splain the purpose of doing these stupid bargue drawings and the proper mentality you have to have if you don’t want to suck the rest of your life. As with all of my videos, this one is incredibly mature and cutting edge to your fat face. Don’t know how to block in? Idiot? Don’t worry numnuts. I break this process down so even your tiny brain can handle it. Just remember. My brain is not hindered by your lack thereof so be at peace. I flawlessly demonstrate the process and as an accidental bonus, I included when exactly you should and shouldn’t measure and why. In addition to all of these helpful tidbits of golden sweet information, this video will also help solve all of your life problems by growing your brain so you don’t pull stupid in everything you do like you currently are now. Let my humility and compassion guide you my dear peasant. You’re welcome.