I streamed this alla prima portrait painting of Rose on Twitch a few weeks prior. My genius cannot be defined solely in color. It is made known through such peasant work as grisaille as well. As usual, I am here to assist your @$$ so that you too may become a highly advanced and intellectual painter who has the right to look down on all the idiots that surround you. In this video, I effortlessly teach you how to work your lines in oil painting, how to work the background into your painting, and how to translate color into black and white values. Grisaille is a great way to transition from charcoal drawing into oil painting because you are free to worry about light and dark values and painting technique without having to spend all day trying to figure out color. For the beginner, this is a great exercise. Once you paint a few grisaille paintings, you will find it a bit easier to transition into color. Even though my teachers recognized my brilliance and knew that I had nothing to gain from doing such peasant exercises, they were wise enough to beg me to paint them because it greatly helped all of my lesser piers in terms of confidence and I was also able to help them by demonstrating my flawless technique that has boosted my @$$ to being the greatest painter to have ever lived on this dreary and cold excuse for a planet. So in advance, you are welcome for educating your @$$ yet again and gracing you with my unbridled skill that is effortlessly action-packed into video format and specifically made to grow your brain approximately 10X its normal level. Just remember my peasants, my genius nose know bounds and my humility is like a rich wellspring of water that is so thick, it puts the black see to shame. I love you.