A big thanks to Scott Burdick who was a good sport and allowed me to film him doing another FLAWLESS masterpiece! Scott is an amazing artist along with his wife Susan Lyon. Check them out at:

Website: https://www.susanlyon.com/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=29…

My dear peasants. It is that time again where I saturate your grey matter with my brilliance. In this effortless video that took me less than an hour to produce from start to finish, I share with you my model stand and lighting setup in my layer I mean studio. I will teach you about the high tech construction of my model stands and the versatile lighting system I use to light my models. It is my intention to teach you these milky keys to success so that you too may bask with me in the garden of ultra-brilliant perfection. You too can create great portraits but only if you listen to me and me only. If you stray from this path, you will surely perish. I love you.