Hello humans. Allow me to impart to you just a fraction of my knowledge by sharing with you 3 tips I use to boost productivity to an alarming level in art. These tips require practice my dear friends but they can be applied to any area in your life.

1) Either the night before or the morning before you work, quiet your mind and ask yourself what would put you at peace if you accomplished it during the next work session. Once you know what you want to accomplish, plan out how you will do this technically. This way, you will have a sure path when you work next. Make sure you stick to that plan. It might be painting in a part of the background or finishing a particular detail. Whatever the case, tackle it!

2)The “Finish it” mentality– Convince yourself that whatever goal you set for the day, you will finish by the end of the day. You will be surprised how often you will reach your goal and finish work faster with the same level of quality by employing this mindset.

3) Do not stop working when you start. Distractions will always come so beforehand, either write out or mentally acknowledge the distractions you know will come and be prepared for them. The key is to gain a stride in your work. Just like a runner, if you constantly stop, start, and stop again, you will accomplish less and be more fatigued for it.