In this video, I share a valuable resource I have found helpful in assisting in physical and mental well being. Josh Lujan (Xaryu) is a talented streamer and if you are one who struggles with maintaining a positive outlook on life or staying in shape, I highly recommend checking him out.

As a painter, it is imperative to uphold a positive mentality because the way we live our lives is always reflected in our daily work. Throughout my videos, I will share with you how I combat procrastination and how I remain positive through the ups and downs.

My talents are vast and cannot be contained in simple still life work, therefore, in this video, I have ventured out into the wide world of landscape painting, and though I don’t consider myself a landscape painter, I have no doubt that I have surpassed all other painters who do with this oil painting.

Do not be afraid dear peasants for I have returned yet again to arm you with the cold-hearted weapons of art so that you too may defend yourselves against any artistic attacks that are thrown at you. So be at peace. I will lead you….