Around midway through the video, I set a trap for you. Those of you who have come to my site will be rewarded by not falling into this trap. I put a link up to my older egg video. DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It might be the worst video ever made but that’s not how I played it up to the simpletons…. They will click the link and they will certainly perish from boredom.

I’m pleased to bring you my second masterful video done on painting. There are obviously no flaws and I’m confident I have perfected in a matter of weeks that which has taken most simpletons a lifetime to learn, that is, making a video.

It’s October which is my favorite time of the year so I decided to do a Halloween still life painting in oil paint. This is no doubt the best tutorial you will ever encounter on Youtube or any other platform for that matter. So sit back, enjoy, and let my genius saturate you.