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Portrait Paintings

Portrait, Landscape and Religious Paintings


Beautiful color, careful detail and a clean flow of light – these are just a few of the many traits you’ll find in a high-quality portrait oil painting done in the style of Classical Realism. All famous portraits have been painted from real-life because the level of realism from careful observation in a posed setting far surpasses that of a painting from a photograph.


The best and most personable portraits complement the subject with strong attention to composition, lighting and technique. I work to create the highest quality oil paintings that dignify the subject and honor them as a person. The short amount of time my clients spend sitting for me is far outweighed by the exquisite end product, designed to last through the ages.

Portrait Painting Gallery

Still Life Paintings


Oils are capable of capturing an array of colors, textures and themes, all of which come through beautifully in the art of Still-Life. Whether it’s a family heirloom, an assortment of flowers or just a beautiful subject of interest, I will work with you to create a true work of art that will be a prized possession in your family for generations.


Set up and painted from real life in my studio, I will make sure the composition, colors and drawing are of the utmost quality and painted to surpass your expectations.

Still Life Painting Gallery

Sacred Paintings


People need beauty in their lives. My primary goal as an artist is to bring such beauty back into society, along with a higher understanding of the value of painting. What better way than to make our churches beautiful? Such work is important because it gives a face to that which we cannot see. I believe this type of work must make a comeback because it is so important to developing one’s faith.


For commissioned paintings, you and I work together to create a theme and composition starting with preliminary sketches, then moving to live model work once a composition is chosen.

Sacred Painting Gallery

Landscape Paintings


It is said that the best oil paintings reveal the time of day. One of my favorite activities is to leave the studio to go outdoors and paint until I lose the proper lighting. All good oil painting are done from nature and not from photographs.


Whether it’s a painting of a house, a city or a place of interest, I will create a landscape painting for you in the unique style you prefer. All of my landscape paintings are painted from real life unless I am unable to travel due to time or distance.

Landscape Painting Gallery